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DPO's Case Study

We can’t afford to stay in the area. Can we?

My attempt at small time property development hadn’t been a huge success.

My wife and I had bought a real do-up, admittedly in a top street in a top suburb.

Unfortunately, building costs and unforeseen engineering issues both escalated causing a $500,000 dollar budget to blow out to $900,000.

Even at 4.9 % the mortgage payments were through the roof and after 5 years we decided to sell and go mortgage free.

But that meant we’d have to move out of our beloved neighbourhood. 

An area we’d called home since 1993.

That’s when a friend of mine mentioned I should talk to this independent financial outfit – Financial Partner. 

I’d always just gone through the bank – but the thought of a ‘financial partner’ intrigued me.

We met with a really smart advisor – Alex Wang.

He made a suggestion that meant maybe we could still borrow enough to stay in the area…

“Home and income.”

So we set about looking for just that.

A home that was divided into 2 apartments – with the second apartment’s rent covering the new mortgage.

Lending arranged by Alex Wang of course – at a very low interest rate. 

Alex is a great example of what Financial Partner offers.

The sort of can-do attitude that solves problems in a unique way.

So yes, I’m a big fan and would recommend Alex and the team as the sort of partner you want for any property deal.

When things went to custard, we had a coffee instead…

...further with investment opportunities we hadn’t even thought would be possible.

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