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About Financial Partner

A Manifesto

We can all have big dreams, huge aspirations and amazing goals, but like it or not, money helps us make them a reality.
But here’s the problem.
Unfortunately, not everyone is brilliant at managing their finances.
So for most of us, how to achieve the things we dream of – remains elusive.
If only the dreamers could find a partner that adds the capability, know-how and expertise we lack.
To be the Ying(阴) to our Yang(阳).
The practical to our passion.
The Tensing to our Hilary.
Well, now there is.
A group of savvy, 21st Century thinkers and doers, ready to transform your vision into reality, no matter what that may be.
An exciting business to invest in?
A second or third house to add to your portfolio?
Or a yacht to berth off an island in a setting sun.
It’s about partnership.
About bringing financial smarts and a can-do attitude to the table.
Like having your own personal finance department working behind the scenes, taking the pressure off and managing your finances with the care, finesse and dedication of a true partner.
Because we know, that when we Kiwis put their minds to it, and join with like- minded believers, nothing can stop us from achieving any goal we set.
Welcome to Financial Partners.
Are you ready to unleash your dreams?

The idea

Demonstrate how a financial partnership with our organisation can realise dreams and enable success.

Financial Partners.

Dreams, by the numbers.

Financial Partners.

Good gets better with the right partner.

Financial Partners.

Your passion, our head for business.

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